Your Compassionate Pet and Horse Care Experts in Wrexham

Your Compassionate Pet and Horse Care Experts in Wrexham

While you are out, does your dog chew your furniture, bark excessively to annoy the neighbours? Do you feel guilty that your dog is not getting the exercise and attention they need and deserve?

More than ever before, our lives are becoming busier with longer work schedules and endless other commitments. 

The result, more of our dogs are spending day after day bored, unhappy and home alone, which can cause stress and behavioural problems. 

To keep your dogs happy, healthy and easy to manage, they need lots of affection, exercise, play and training in their daily lives. 

This is exactly what we offer and what your dogs will get if they join us at Pawlig’s Pet Care.

Find out how we can help to keep your dogs happier and take the worry about them off your shoulders. 

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Are you planning a holiday, short break or do you need a regular hand with your horse care?

It’s not easy to find a reliable horse care expert that you can fully entrust your precious horses to. 

We are there to help.

We will take the worry out of your mind and look after your horses so you can get on with your daily commitments or enjoy your well deserved holiday or break.

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